Sakshi is a Certified Inner Anchoring Coach, Reiki practitioner, Regression Therapist, EFT practitioner and Author
Her journey of life has been soul searching and true to her life purpose. Sakshi started her career as Kindergarten Teacher and eventually became an entrepreneur in Clothing Industry. She decided to give all up to follow her calling of helping people through the path of self-discovery.
Her journey inspired her to develop a new coaching niche called “Inner Anchoring “ which is approved by Certified Coaches Alliance making her the first and only Internationally accredited Certified Inner Anchoring Coach. She realized spiritual awakening is a lonely path and sometimes all one needs is a torch bearer to illuminate those dark streets, so she now works with clients to help them achieve alignment of mind, body and soul to experience holistic personal growth. She follows a fluid approach of coaching and that is why all her programs are customizable as she believes one size does not fit all.
She has co-authored a book named “The Calling” which is the compilation of 11 stories of successful and inspiring individuals who listened to their inner voice to follow their divine purpose. You can find the link of the book below: