Mobolaji Oluwafemi Bamidele (MOB) is the Lead Consult & Managing partner of Lead-N-Succeed a professional training & coaching company.  MOB is a mindset and transformational coach.  An experienced professional in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry with over 20 years professional experience spanning Telecommunications and Oil & Gas. A certified Marine Petroleum Cargoes Inspector. MOB has been duly examined & found by International School for Inspectors of Petroleum to be fully knowledgeable of the industry standards, practices & calculations relative to the Inspection / Survey of Marine Petroleum Cargoes and of Operational Safety items as detailed in API MPMS Chapters 17.1 and 17.2 A John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach, also a Maxwell certified Parenting & Family Coach. Member, Project Management Institute (PMI), Nigeria Institute of Management.