Esther Samson Ukaria majored in International Relations & Strategic studies and graduated with honours in 2009.  She is also a certified commercial assistance, speaker, author and philathrophist.

Her career started from the shores of Lagos Island as an Intern at one of the prominent banks in Nigeria to Nordrhein Westfalen Germany, where she has been residing since 2010 and has gathered expertise in project management in charity, public & customer relations, commerce and administration from some multinational companies on both local and international spheres.

‘‘ If I change the way a man thinks I rob him of his thoughts but if I show him that there are different ways to decorate a cheesecake I help him see life through a better and broader lens“

Esther Samson

My voice, my writing and love for the poor is one of my greatest assets and over the years this has enabled to use my gift to ignite a positive change in the lives of those that cross my path.

Furthermore, I run a small private charity group with my mother ‚‘‘House of Mercy‘‘ in a mountanious region in Kogi State, Nigeria. Through our feeding and evangelical programs, weh ave witnessed a decrease in the motality rate amongst the old widows in that town and also enable a few poor youths become self-sufficient by donating small start-up capital which was invested in monetizing their handworks.

She writes self-help books and novellas and has authored books like: Trials of a woman, surviving the storm, Strategy on diplomatic matters and love in the northern sahara.