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World Change Summit is a hub for those who intend to acquire the knowledge of Facilitating and Managing Changes in their personal lives and in their place of work. It’s for professionals and Entrepreneurs who intend to succeed in their endeavors irrespective of the distruption and dirstortion in the World System.

We provide members with relevant information on Skills revolving around Facilitating and Managing Change.
We make available relevant information on fundamental factors that help to activate Facilitating and Managing Change.

We share creative and Innovative ideas, solutions, situations and values that we help navigate around Change effectively and successfully.Our ultimate objective is raise a new breed of professionals that would create a more condusive environment for change to thrive freely but productively.

We presently have over hundred members accross the continents.
You can also join us as we make a positive impact in the world by helping to facilitate and manage Change.


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Vision Statement

Our Vision is to raise World Classs Change Agents all over the World.
To bring together Creative and Innovative minds all over the world to interact and bring about the Change we desire to see in our Communities, States and Countries.
To Empower people all over the world with the knowledge needed to Facilitate and Manage personal and Organizational Changes.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create an awareness about the need to embrace change and allow the process of change to bring about growth in every aspect of our lives and work.
To adequately prepare our members all over the world for distruption and distortion of the world system, building a Creative and Innovative mechanism to absorb this situation and leverage on it to our advantage.
Our essential mechanism in Facilitating and Managing Change is by organizing Skill Enhancement Trainings.
Finally to consistently build a Team of Transfomational Leaders in all Fields of work and Sectors of countries Economy.

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